How VA’s Can Help Promote Your Business Online

As we have stated before, companies that are serious about growth and expansion could really use the services of a VA.  One might think that they are not really necessary but once we entail into all the work that needs to be done in order to establish a solid online presence, we realize that a VA becomes an important asset.  Let´s discuss how it is exactly that a virtual assistant will help promote your business online.

Creating and cleaning reputation

A virtual assistant will get your company comments about your good services.  Reputation is very important to a company or business;  it is probably the most important one.  Customers who visit your online business are more likely to stay if they read stories of success from your previous customers.  Remember that content generated by users has a much greater impact on potential customers than anything you could say about your own business.  A VA will help you create, build, and clean your reputation online.

Using social media

Social media is one of the most powerful online tools to promote a business.  A VA has to keep up with all your social media platforms.  They actively interact with users and respond to comments or questions.  In this way, A VA can help you grow your business online.

Writing a blog 

In order to keep your business interesting and on the loop you must blog.  In fact, the only way to rank in Google searches is to keep an updated blog.  A virtual assistant will make sure that the blog is updated with regular posts.  They will make a schedule, get guest posts, and hire bloggers to keep your blog alive and shining.

Through online research and database

In order for your business to stay relevant and interesting, it must be able to stay on-trend and satisfy present demand.  This requires a lot of research on what is working for other businesses.   A virtual assistant will take the job of scouring the internet to find out what needs to be done in your business and how  you compare with the competition.  A good research helps identify new clients and effective ways to attract clients to your business.

Managing online items

If you own an online store and you are plans for growth, your items database must be very organized.  This requires time and planning.  Assistance with your online store includes:  uploading and managing products, reporting, promoting, inventory, and sales support.

Running web statistics


Through the use of plugins, a virtual assistant is able to track visitors to your website.  With this information, they can run some statistics and better guide you into what is the next move that your business needs to make.

There are so much more ways in which a virtual assistant can help you with your business.  But most importantly, a VA gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what is really important to you:  growing your business.  Curve Communications can help you with the service of efficient VA.  Give them a call and find out how they can help you obtain the services of a virtual assistant.

Dealing with Math Homework

Let us face the hard truth – Not all of us are well equipped with the mind, that can solve Mathematical problems and equations. It is such a complicated and very difficult subject only left brain dominant people can tolerate.  Well, according to Roger Sperry, a well known psychologist who postulated the left-right brain theory states that left brain dominant people are more analytical and more logical, thus they are much better with numbers.

The question now is – What about us who are right brain dominant individuals who can go into an insane state just by seeing the numbers?

You know what I discovered, there are certain ways you can solve your Math homework

  1. You can buy a calculator, but be mindful of the type, not all calculators can help you with your homework. As a significant advice, grab the best graphing calculator! Compared to the obsolete calculators, there is a lot of advantages a graphing calculator can offer. What are they? Read on.
  • When it comes to polynomial functions, linear and quadratic equation and so on and so forth… whatever!!! The graph functions feature can extremely come in handy.
  • The visual input in these calculators allows you to accurately view and manipulate mathematical problems compared to the limited window of scientific calculators. This will yield a more precise and accurate answers for specific equations.
  • With graphic calculator, you can input programs and formulas to make your life a lot easier. Trust me it really does.

The only drawback with this gadget is that, if you are not well versed with such equipment and you don’t know how to follow instructions properly, then you will still have difficulties with your homework. This brings us to our next option.

  1. Develop your left brain. How? You can study hard, hire a tutor or surf the indispensable digital world that will assist you with Mathematical crisis such as Text Tutoring. If the two options enormously failed, we are left with no choice, but to outsource our math homework.
  1. How to outsource your homework? With the advancement of technology today, you can find everything with a touch of a finger. You can find someone to assist or do your homework for you they are called VA or virtual assistants. They are very helpful individuals who can make your life easier. And don’t worry about a thing, a lot of people are now outsourcing their homework, especially if it is very critical for you to pass the subject.

Not everyone is good in math and it can really make someone’s life very difficult. But you don’t have to fret about it. Try the options listed above. Although we cannot tell Algebra to stop asking us to find his x, because she is not coming back, there is always a solution to every problem – even your math homework.

One more thing, if you can’t really solve your Math homework may be you can do what this charming little boy did.


Using VA’s to Source Real Estate Leads in Kitchener

Modern days require companies to focus into what is important: customer service.  In the business of real estate, it is important that, once a lead is sourced, keep performing in such a way that he or she becomes a happy customer.  Sometimes a company is lucky enough to have leads come visit the offices at the search of a house or condo.  But most of the time, what we encounter is people who need some guidance into what they want, and sometimes versus what they really need.  As a business person, catering ideas into such clients is important to help them decide for the best for them and for the company.

But sourcing these leads is a task that requires time and dedication.  More and more companies are moving into hiring VAs for this job.

Kitchener is a place where real estate transactions are happening every day.  Targetting them might become a daunting feat, especially if you have to focus on the other activities of your real estate agency as well.  So, hiring a VA will get you the job done more efficiently.

What are the advantages of using VA’s for sourcing?:

  • You have a person or group of people who are focused on getting you leads for your business.
  • The work is done efficiently and in little time.
  • You are guaranteed to get results in a time allotted by you.
  • It is a non-expensive option.  You should include this in your budget and make estimates on how profitable a VA is.  You will see it is a great option.
  • It is risk-free as VA’s usually get paid until the job has been done to completion according to terms and conditions agreed upon.
  • A VA for sourcing leads is usually a specialist that specializes in a particular market, real estate in this case.  But even if it is not the case, a well trained VA will render great results which in turn will benefit you company.

Hiring a VA is not really that difficult and you can find what you need with us.

In Kitchener, where properties are being sold at different costs and everywhere, there are real estate agencies that are ready to serve you.  If you are looking for a nice property here in the Waterloo area, Dennis Pellerin is waiting for you to come over.   They have a great service and listings of the best properties here in Kitchener.

Tasks You Can’t Outsource: Upholstery Cleaning

choresIf you’re juggling through the many household chores every single day, you totally understand how hard it is to manage your time and make sure that you finish everything up. For busy families, they often end up outsourcing some tasks. They certainly need an extra hand to finish up the chores for them.

Although outsourcing household chores is the easiest way to make sure that your home is kept clean and organize, it is not a good idea that you outsource all the chores.  There are just some simple tasks at home that you can’t just outsource. It would be best if you can do them on your own.

Upholstery Cleaning: Outsource or Not

There are just some tasks that you can do on your own, given the time and the chance. For instance, upholstery cleaning doesn’t need to be outsourced. If you think it’s kind of a tough work, think again. Upholstery cleaning can be easy and simple if you have the right ideas how to do it. Some of the tedious works involve are stain and odor removal. But you can always find useful tips about how you can do it yourself.

There might be instances that you really don’t have enough time to clean the upholstery by yourself. When that happens, then it’s time for you to hire someone to do the upholstery cleaning Toronto.  Although you can only be sure that you did the right cleaning if you’re the one doing it, if time doesn’t permit it, then you probably have to find someone to do it for you.

Why Outsource?

Although most families would prefer to do all the household tasks by themselves, we still can’t deny that there might be instances that we don’t have a choice but to find an extra hand to help us. For busy parents, hiring a helper at home is the best idea to keep the house clean and organized. And when it comes to tough chores, you don’t have a choice but to hire a good company to assist you. They certainly have the right tools and skills to do the tasks in the best way possible. Yet, you also have to understand that along with the convenience that outsourcing the task can give, is the need to spend some extra amount for the cost.

In conclusion

When it comes to deciding about what tasks to outsource and not, there are just two factors to consider. And that’s time and money. If you have enough time to do the tasks, then outsourcing the task, such as upholstery cleaning is never an option. But for people who are busy enough to do the tasks, they’ll find outsourcing as the best option. However, they need to spend some amount of money for that. So it all boils down on which one works for your lifestyle. Different families have different needs and different way of living. Whether you go for outsourcing the tasks or you opt to do them on your own, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is you can keep your house clean and clutter-free.